Vista Mesh

Vista Mesh Spectacle Lenses – Developed to combat symptoms of PSE (Photosensitive Epilepsy) and visual Dyslexia

Vista Mesh Spectacle Lenses, available in plain form or made to prescription, have been specially developed to combat symptons caused by exposure to certain visual stimuli.

Julian Berson can fit these lenses into virtually any type of spectacle  frame.

People who suffer from PSE (Photosensitive Epilepsy) and Visual Dyslexia can benefit from using these lenses

Mesh filter inside vista mesh lenses

The Vista Mesh lens has a micromesh filter built into the lens which acts in the same way as a Polarizing filter, elimating flicker, reducing glare and deflects EMI (electromagnetic interference) radiation – all of these things can cause problems for PSE and Visual Dyslexia sufferers

Unlike the bizarre appearance of coloured filter spectacles that are prescribed for people with visual dyslexia, Vista Mesh lenses have an inconspicuous, cosmetically attractive appearance.

Glare while driving? We sell Potentially life changing Vista Mesh lenses which have been found to be excellent for reducing visual stress for night driving, office/school and Computer use.


  • Aligns scattered light reflections
  • Dampens flicker
  • Sharpens contrast
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Deflects EMI radiation


  • Reading & writing
  • Computer use
  • Night driving
  • Exposure to excessive artificial lighting

User Reports

Symptoms of flicker have gone now I am wearing new Vista-Mesh lenses – after years of putting up with it!

A gentleman who was suffering severe headaches every time he watched television tried a number of corrective lens options such as PLS FL41, all to no avail. However, when a pair of Vista-Mesh was provided he reported considerable relief.

A young lady confined to lower ground floor office work in a totally fluorescent tube lit environment complained of “gritty” tired eyes.
Changing to Vista-Mesh lenses resolved this difficulty and also proved an extra relief for night driving.

A teenager who found it very hard to concentrate on reading for any length of time found that he could read comfortably with the Vista Mesh and was able to completely read whole books which he had never done before.

A Mother of special needs boy – We have definitely seen with his reading and writing skills amazing results since using his “magic specs”.

Vista-mesh lenses for reducing glare and flicker

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