Home Visits

Julian also carries out eye tests at home for qualifying patients. Often these are elderly people, but they could also be adults with learning difficulties.

Over the last few years Julian has been involved with an initiative run by the RNIB to provide eye care in the community for people with learning disabilities – one of a very small number of opticians to do so. This project holds true to his values of providing individual eye care to everyone.

For more information about visiting optician services,
please call 0113 266 2660

Who is entitled to an eye test in their home?

Most “house-bound” people are entitled to a visit by an optician and a free eye test, but there is little awareness of this in the community.

NHS-funded mobile eye tests

Some people are entitled to an NHS-funded mobile sight test (also known as a domiciliary sight test), where the ophthalmic practitioner comes to visit you:

  • in your own home
  • at a residential or care home
  • at a day centre

If you qualify for a free NHS sight test, you may be entitled to mobile services:

  • at home: if you’re unable to leave home unaccompanied because of physical or mental illness or disability
  • at a residential or care home: if you normally live there and you’re unable to leave the home unaccompanied because of physical or mental illness or disability
  • at a day centre: if you would have difficulty getting a sight test from an optometrist at their practice because of physical or mental illness or disability, or because you have difficulty communicating your health needs without help

For further information about whether you are entitled to a free eye test at home visit this page on the NHS Choices website.

If you need help just call us on 0113 266 2660
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