Julian Berson

Having almost 30 years experience as an optician and qualified to both test and dispense, which allows me to get to really know my patients and recommend the best solution for you.

Leeds Optician of the Year 2012

As an independent practitioner, based in North Leeds, I am able to choose from a huge range of lenses depending on the patient’s needs. An example of how this is of benefit is my ability to create customised rimless glasses as I am able to order from a wide selection of lenses and frames.

Being approved to dispense Varilux lenses, a brand with an established heritage and acknowledged quality. Varilux are a varifocal lens which requires very precise measuring and fitting in order to ensure the success for the wearer. Inaccurate fitting of varifocal lenses can lead to the wearer experiencing visual discomfort.

We are also one of a small number of practices accredited to provide advanced pressure testing for glaucoma, known as Applanation Tonometry. Patients are either referred by their optician or GP, or can refer themselves, for a more accurate pressure test than most opticians offer.

Provision of this service helps to alleviate the workload on hospitals, which would otherwise be the next step for patients with suspected glaucoma. It is also less worrying for the patient to be referred to another optician, and often more convenient to be referred to a local optometrist, rather than straight to a hospital.

Traditional values are highly valued here and all the staff strive to provide a personal service for all my patients. Being interested in the eye health of older and vulnerable people, which led me to carry out eye tests in nursing and care homes at the start of my career, something I still do today.

Looking after children also comes naturally being a married family man, with two teenage children of my own.


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    Optician of the Year 2012

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