Frames and Lenses


We stock more than 600 frames, from designer glasses to those for the more budget conscious, as well as a range of free glasses for children and qualifying NHS patients.

Notable brands include Ted Baker, Jaeger, Calvin Klein (ck)Diane von Fürstenberg (DVF), Barbour, Salvatore Ferragmo, Prodesign Denmark and Öga Eyewear – a quality Scandinavian brand designed for image-conscious and modern men.

Our Designer Glasses brands available from Julian Berson opticians

If there’s a specific frame you want we can usually source it for you. We’ll always tell you the price before you order and we find that we’re usually competitive.

We also stock a range of sunglasses which can be customised to your prescription to make driving and reading in the sun easier.

We’re mindful of the difficulties of choosing new frames when you can’t properly see without your glasses. To solve this dilemma we use an iPad to take a photo of you trying on each of the frames, then you can view the pictures once wearing your current glasses.


Varilux lenses available from Julian Berson opticiansLenses are critical to the performance and comfort of your glasses. Julian has been a consultant for premium lens manufacturer Varilux since he qualified, as his father was before him. They are a quality lens with an established pedigree and a range of prices to suit all pockets.

Contact lenses

Contact Lenses available from Julian Berson opticians

Please enquire for personal advice about contact lenses. All lenses are fitted and dispensed and aftercare provided by Julian himself, ensuring continuity of care.


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