Contact Lenses

Prescription Contact Lenses

Do I need a prescription to wear contact lenses?

Prescription Contact Lenses in North LeedsYou will need a contact lens prescription before you start wearing contact lenses. This will ensure that you have the correct type of contact lens, that the fit and the prescription is correct for your eyes. It is often the case that the contact lens prescription is different from the prescription for your glasses. We are able to advise you on the appropriate wearing and replacement schedule as well as how to handle and care for your lenses.

Contact lens fitting?

We will conduct a contact lens fitting when you attend for your eye examination. We will assess your suitability to wear contact lenses and discuss with you the type of lens most suitable for your eyes and that will suit your lifestyle.

Are contact lenses are right for me?

We will look at a variety of criteria to assess your ability to wear contact lenses and take this, as well as your lifestyle needs in to account, when recommending the type of lens most appropriate for you.

In addition to determining the prescription, the checks that are commonly performed include measuring the curvature of your eye, checking the surface of the eyes and the tear quality, as well as evaluating the overall eye health. The next step will be to recommend a lens and place it on the eye to determine whether the fitting, comfort and vision are all optimal.
A trial usually takes place for anything from a few days to a week in order to allow you time to experience the lenses in different situations and then return to the optician to discuss this and evaluate the lenses on your eyes again. Usually you will be issued with a contact lens prescription once the optician is satisfied that the lenses are satisfactory and this will detail the make, dimensions and prescription of the contact lenses you are wearing.

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