Contact Lens Care

How to clean your lenses

Contact lens cleaningFollow our step by step guide to cleaning your lenses and always refer to the usage guide that comes with your contact lens solution:

1. The best time to clean and disinfect reusable, soft contact lenses is immediately after you remove them

2. Place the lens in the clean dry palm of one hand

3. Apply a few drops of a daily cleaning solution and use your little finger to rub the front and back surface of each lens gently

4. Rinse your lenses thoroughly with the solution and place into the lens case

5. Fill each chamber of the lens case with solution, close the lids and leave to soak until you have to change the storing solution (this will depend on which contact lens solution you are using – check the usage guide to see)

Don’t forget your lens case!


Contact lens careWe all know how important it is to keep our lenses clean. But you’d be surprised how many people overlook their lens cases.

Your lens case needs to be just as clean as your lenses, after all they spend a lot of time soaking in them. Follow our simple tips and keep your lens cases as hygienic as possible:

• After you’ve inserted your lenses, empty your case of solution

• Regularly rinse your case with fresh disinfecting solution and leave to air dry on a daily basis (microbes cannot multiply in dry conditions)

• Replace your cases frequently – monthly is ideal

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